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Thomas Sankara bequeathed to future generations the verve and energy of hope, symbol of integrity and historical consciousness of inalinabilitïy the fight against all oppression.

Through this site, dedicated to Captain Thomas Sankara, we try to develop a platform bringing together all the works (films, photos, speeches, interviews, publications, books, and many others ...)

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Most recent articles

Most recent articles

Thomas Sankara’s case: new denial of justice, mobilisation continues

Sommaire PRESS RELEASE PRESS RELEASE On the 30th of April 2014, the Grand instance court of Ouagadougou has declared itself as having no jurisdiction to order an DNA expertise in order to identify the bodies buried in Dagnoen. We welcome this decision with sadness and disappointment. However we are henceforth submerged by rage and revolt. This decision has yet been made following the request made by the lawyers of the family on the 2nd of February 2011. It took 3 years for the (...)

“Justice for Sankara, Justice for Africa“, Let us intensify the mobilization

Sommaire Press Release Press Release On March 5th, 2014, the court delayed again its decision on the identification of bodies buried at Dagnoen, in Ouagadougou. Up to when will the Burkinabe judges hearing this case continue procrastinating? Yet this is a request made in 2006 by the United Nations Commission on Human Rights following the actions of the Justice for Sankara’s International Campaign (CIJS). With this new refusal, after repeatedly dismissing the family on several other (...)

The legacies of Thomas Sankara: a revolutionary experience in retrospect

Ernest Harsch Institute of African Studies at Columbia University , New York, USA published in Review of African Political Economy Volume 40, Issue 137, 2013 on 05 Sep 2013 A quarter century after the 15 October 1987 assassination of Thomas Sankara in a military coup, the late president of Burkina Faso remains a near-mythical hero for many young people in his country and across Africa. They idealise the image of a committed, self-sacrificing rebel, who during four years as leader of a (...)

Thomas Sankara and the new Africa renaissance

Agun Mod 2013-10-24 http://www.pambazuka.org/en/issue/651 Like Nkrumah of Ghana and Nyerere of Tanzania, Sankara sought to restore dignity and honour to his country and to imbue the youth with the ideals of pan-African solidarity, dignity and honour As Africa celebrates 50 years of the founding of the Organization of African Unity, and now the Africa Union, we must thank Pambazuka for daring to promote African renaissance and our unity, in spite of our diverse cultures. But more than (...)

A Sankarist Response to Homophobia

Amber Murrey Published in Pambazuka News 651 : SPECIAL ISSUE : Thomas Sankara and inventing Africa’s future : 26 years later 2013-10-25 http://www.pambazuka.org/en/issue/651 The political ideology of Thomas Sankara, including warmth and compassion towards other humans, dignity for peasants, self-sufficiency for all Burkinabes, women’s emancipation and a politics of anti-imperialism, along with his thoughtful considerations of Burkinabe traditions and histories, assert (...)

Sankara: A hero for Africa’s young people

Bruno Jaffre translated from French for Pambazuka News by Lorraine Thompson. Published in Pambazuka News 651 : SPECIAL ISSUE : Thomas Sankara and inventing Africa’s future : 26 years later 2013-10-25 http://www.pambazuka.org/en/issue/651 Thomas Sankara was a visionary. He was very ambitious and wanted the Burkinabe revolution to bear immediate fruits for his people, and he paid no attention to the political intrigues of the time, which culminated in his assassination. His (...)

Thomas Sankara: an endogenous approach to development

Demba Moussa Dembélé Published in Pambazuka News 651 : SPECIAL ISSUE : Thomas Sankara and inventing Africa’s future : 26 years later 2013-10-25 It has been thirty years since Thomas Sankara took power, before he was assassinated in 1987. The Sankarist Revolution was one of the greatest attempts at popular democratic emancipation in post-Independence Africa and is considered a novel experience of broad economic, social, cultural and political transformation The concept of endogenous (...)

26 years after Thomas Sankara: A graveside reflection

Chika Ezeanya Published in Pambazuka News 651 : SPECIAL ISSUE : Thomas Sankara and inventing Africa’s future : 26 years later 2013-10-25 Instead of a bust, a life-sized carving, a portrait, or a decent tomb with a headstone and his epitaph, Thomas Sankara’s remains are placed beneath dirt and unkempt surroundings overgrown by weeds. Not that he would have cared With eyes filled with fear, the Burkinabe intellectual who offered to act as tour guide begged that his name not be (...)

Revisiting Thomas Sankara, 26 years later

Ama Biney Published in Pambazuka News 651 : SPECIAL ISSUE : Thomas Sankara and inventing Africa’s future : 26 years later 2013-10-24 Twenty-six years after the death of Sankara, it remains true that the essence of struggle is to mobilise people to believe in transforming their lives; that they have the capacity to dare to invent the future through collective struggle, rather than belief in an awaited messiah to lead them Thomas Sankara remains one of Africa’s illustrious (...)

26 Years ago, Thomas Sankara was assassinated. Circumstances yet to be clarified ... But an ever growing popularity.

by Bruno Jaffré October 14, 2013 | translation Alain Blaise Ngono The violent murder of Thomas Sankara is commensurate with the relentlessness of his killers to dishonour and erase him from the memory of his countrymen. By the same token, attempts to make known the circumstances of his assassination seem to encounter powerful forces. It must be said that the hypothesis of an international conspiracy is slowly making its way. Whatever the case, Thomas Sankara now belongs to the Pantheon (...)

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